Festival Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd. is organized team of well-informed, experienced and trained professionals. With its motto of Explore yourself through adventure, this organization has introduced a number of special interesting trekking and adventure programs for everyone interested to explore and have experience with different sectors. This well managed organization aims to satisfy the interests of individual differences. Developing different programs suitable for the students, adult and research scholars, aged people, and others is the especial identity of the organization. Besides, this organization has a number of general popular treks, rafting, jungle safari and expeditions spread through out the country. It is the desire of the visitors to suit their choice and make his/her visit memorable. This organization welcomes all the visitors to have the experience through Festival Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd to make their visit uniquely memorable all through their lifetime.




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Trekking simply is travel through countryside, remote villages, hills, forests, valleys, riversides etc on foot. The trekkers used to use tents for their accommodation and to take a large number of staff to support their trek, which is still prevailing in the remote areas as the camping trekking, where few facilities are available for the self-supporting trekkers. However, the facilities have been increased, reducing the burdens for the trekkers in popular trekking routes now and are known as teahouse trekking. Trekking in Nepal offers you with unique and most interesting diversity within the distance of half an hours walking distance, which needs at least one days travel in other countries. There are very various ways of trekking on foot through different Himalayan hilly ranges of Nepal. While trekking in any ranges and routes, one should make a number of preparations as choosing companion, selecting the organizer company, other official and government permissions and others.